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E-Marriage - The next trend on the web

Posted On: 30 Dec, 2009 Others,टेक्नोलोजी टी टी में

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Found this amazing web-comic via Fly You Fools.


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Fly You Fools – Indian Comics about Life.


And if you thought this was just a web-comic, take a look at this site. :)

So, what will be the next trend ?

  • Tweetomony – Your 140 characters to Matrimony
  • Facebook Marry – A Facebook Connect to the world of Marriage
  • Wordwed – Blog while you Wed
  • MakeMyHoneymoon – Plan your honeymoon with us
  • Microsoft Widows – Your OS to re-marry
  • I-dulha & I-dulhan – Go to your wedding with these new Iphone apps

What’s your favorite Matrimony web-application ??


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Agastee के द्वारा
December 30, 2009

क्या पोस्ट है भिडू ……काश मैं भी इस तरह HTML इस्तमाल कर सकता क्या कम्युनिटी मत्रिमोनिअल सितेस नहीं चलेंगी ….तेरे इस site फॉर याच कम्युनिटी नोवादय्स

Sukirti Gupta के द्वारा
December 30, 2009

My favorite application is WordWed .. that is awesome .. Why not just BLOG your I DO’s .. do you really need to be there .. or what about BLOGTALAK .. ok .. let’s be positive ..

    socialbakwaas के द्वारा
    January 4, 2010

    Me likes the idea. We create a blogging site and add widgets like “I Do”, “Talak Talak Talak”, “Phera”(click 7 times to get married the Hindu way) etc. Whatsay :P

Anon के द्वारा
January 4, 2010

FlyYouFools is simply hilarious. Loved your taxonomy :)

prashant के द्वारा
January 6, 2010

बहुत ही मस्त….कीप रोलिंग !!!! :)

socialbakwaas के द्वारा
January 6, 2010

@Prashant धन्यवाद !!!

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