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My Experiments with Truth (read Internet)

Posted On: 4 Jan, 2010 Others,टेक्नोलोजी टी टी में

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Well, we were having a party at my place. And we were playing song-request game. The game was that everyone takes turn to play a song which he/she hasn’t heard in ages and is a favorite.
So my friend’s sister wanted to play a song that she couldn’t remember. All she remembered was that the song featured Smita Patil in a yellow frock along with Sanjeev Kumar and some other “side”-y hero. Everyone wracked their brains but nothing came up. Finally, yours truly picked up the laptop and this is what happened.

Aim of the Experiment : Find the song

Information given : Smita Patil – yellow frock – Sanjeev Kumar

Apparatus used : Internet

Experiment and Observations :

1. Ask google “smita patil yellow frock sanjeev kumar”
2. Ask google “Smita patil sanjeev kumar movies”
3. Go to IMDB – search for smita patil – go through her movies and see cast
- Too many movies – ABORT
4. Ask youtube “smita patil yellow frock”
- ABORT ( you don’t want to know the kind of results that came up)
5. Ask youtube “smita patil sanjeev kumar”
BINGO – “Baton mein na talo jee… dil de dalo jee”

Time taken : time taken to cook Maggie

Inference : And that’s why I want to make a career out of internet-media


P.S. – Do you have any songs in your mind that you want to search and you have insufficient information about ? Contact Social Bakwaas 2.0  :)


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Agastee के द्वारा
January 5, 2010

Mr Social Bakwass…are you saying youtube search works better than a google search. Its a cool concept, and worth trying ( doing it now) and youtube is amazing with search due to the tagging done by users i feel…and ofcourse im sure they search even comments associated with that particular video to show you the search results…infact there is one song im going to try out …lady carrying candle remix bally sagoo…lets see what it gets me

visitor 1 के द्वारा
January 11, 2010

n response to the above comment – Its the song Noorie if I am not mistaken!

ASC के द्वारा
February 18, 2010

I still think of you every time I get stuck recalling a Chitrahar song! You are born to be the superstar of internet-media (or whatever that means!). :-)

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