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Paan ki Dukaan - social-media strategy

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Project : Paan ki Dukaan.

Pre-requisite : – Upar gori ka makaan


Branding & marketing strategy – Social Media

  1. Create twitter account @Panwaari.
  2. Listen : Listen to what people are talking about on topics like Paan, Paan-Masala, Paan-dukaan, kattha-chuna etc.
  3. Conversation : be a part of that conversation. Interact.
  4. value-addition : Add value to your twitter account. E.g. Tweet about paan. Ask questions. Pull users into a conversation e.g. “How many people tweet while chabaaoing a Paan. Please RT”, “A research form Supaari Institute of technology says that people prefer Supaari in Paan only on weekends” etc..
  5. Follow : People who matter in twitter world.
  6. Pre-Launch : Plan a tweet-up to coincide with your Paan-ki-Dukaan Launch.
  7. Launch : tweet-up in front of your “Neeche paan ki Dukaan, Upar gori ka makaan”. Chief-invitee & brand ambassador : Upar waali gori.
  8. Announce your Facebook fan page as well as your blog.
  9. Create pan-virals (or “Panirals”) on Youtube & Facebook as well as your site.
  10. Create communities around Paan e.g “Do-you-spit-at-corner-walls community”
  11. Facebook applications to follow. Use these applications to collect user information and user-feedbacks for your R&D team.
  12. A Facebook  game like “Paan-ville”.
  13. Events - ” Who can spit the farthest”. Tie-up with Guiness Book . they actually have a record for this. Also partner with Channel V to start “SpitsVilla”. “Paan khayein saiyyan humaaro”,”Paan ke daag achche hain” are other options.
  14. Blogs & Videos : Entice users to blog about “Paan ke dukaan ki stories”,”Blog while you chew”,  ”Funny Paan videos” etc.
  15. Social-cause – Start a CSR project like “Anti-tobbaco campaign – Saada paan, Ucch Vichaar”, “Paan-thuko re – Spit in dustbins”.
  16. Push your sales-support through twitter(@paan-ki-dukaan)/FB.
  17. Microsites/E-commerce – “Your customized Banarasi Paan – A click away”.
  18. Paan-wiki – Bring user engagement through a paan-wiki where users can write anything and everything about Paan.
  19. Pick your “Best social-media strategy” award.
  20. Take your “Upaar-waali-gori” to a vacation on Paan islands (your own island in Dubai)


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Prabhakar के द्वारा
February 15, 2010

I guess you want to put your clients under different lists(as in Twitter) and re-tweet the tweets of one list to other lists, then your site( paan ki dukaan) becomes more sticky and increases the visits. Upar waali gori is your call to action / top banner ad for sure I guess ;-) And by making your dukaan a PaanWiki, you are making it a collaborative model, means you and your visitors have a common purpose, i.e., Paan and Gori. interesting.

    socialbakwaas के द्वारा
    February 15, 2010

    Egg-jactly… chalo someone got my point :)

amresh के द्वारा
February 16, 2010

making Internet social media strategy as simple as “Paan Kee Dukan” …….Aub toh Panwari wale bhi social media ka baat karange…:)… Lets “बकवास” now isse hamare offline integration ka chance increase hota hai…then we can make a retail of paan store and give user a discounted package over internet. This is a lot of work but we have to cover “whole nine yards”….for this we need “state of the art technology” and “niche marketing strategy” in place. Let’s do the revenue projection and please do not forget to include the cost of Land acquired for the pan retail. Only then our business pan will be be realistic ..You Know Coming back to Post Must read for social media marketing guys

    Prashant के द्वारा
    February 16, 2010

    There is a strong visible brand synergy with Irrfaan khan’s upcoming movie……batao kaun sa??

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